Chelsea has completed the signing of 35 year old centre back, Thiago Silva as they look to solidify their defence for next season.

The Brazilian International ran out of contract with PSG this summer after a disappointing end of season, losing the Champions League final with PSG.

The former PSG man signed a one year contract with Chelsea with an option for another year.

In this article we will be giving a detailed analysis on the Brazilian veteran, highlighting key strengths and weaknesses.

Thiago Silva will be compared to the following players: Ramos, Varane, Pique, Gimenez, Alaba, De Ligt, Bonucci Chiellini, Koulibaly, Skriniar, de Vrij, Romagnoli, Laporte, Van Dijk, Maguire, Alderweireld, Zouma.

All stats for the following players are from the 2019/20 season except from Chiellini who only played 200 minutes due to injury.

Stats used for Chiellini in this article are coming from the 2018/19 season.

• We will start off looking at a modern requirement for a Centre Back, playing the ball out of the back. In this area Thiago Silva is in the top 3 of the players selected. He has a superb passing range, which is a requirement in Lampard’s system to be a centre back.

Photo credit: @EoinCFCireland

• Continuing to look at other metrics to review his passing ability, he is superb at playing passes over 25 yards & does play a lot of passes into the final third & is once again the 3rd best of the selected CBs. So we can confidently say Silva is still a world class passer.

Photo credit: @EoinCFCireland

• Silva is unsurprisingly good at his 1v1 defending, when dribbled at he is victorious more than anyone else in this set of CBs. He also boasts quite a good tackling success %. This is very good to see as he no longer would possess the recovery speed to win the ball back if beaten.

Photo credit: @EoinCFCireland

• Onto reading the game, analysed through blocks and interceptions, Thiago Silva is still boasting very good numbers in comparisons to other world class centre backs. Making his fair share of blocks and interceptions.

Photo credit: @EoinCFCireland

• Silva slumps in clearances and pressures, but looking at his numbers they aren’t actually too bad. As well this isn’t a massive part of a centre back’s game, and like I said the numbers themselves are actually good.

Photo credit: @EoinCFCireland

• Ending with something Chelsea have struggles with, Thiago Silva isn’t the best in the air compared to other centre backs. His most likely partner at Chelsea, Kurt Zouma is extremely good and Silva still wins 3 of every 5 aerial duels.

Photo credit: @EoinCFCireland

Overall my analysis of Silva does suggest he is still one of the best centre backs in the world. He does lack the pace to keep up with fast forwards, but he would be paired with a very fast centre back at Chelsea such as Tomori, or Zouma.

Aerially, his issues would be covered up with players like Zouma, Chilwell and Reece who are all very good aerially, and even Silva is still good in the air. As well a better keeper who would not concede as much as Kepa.

To round it up, Thiago Silva is still arguably one of the best defenders in the world. With Chelsea signing him, they’ve have not only gotten a temporary solution to their defensive issues but also acquired a player with good leadership qualities.

With Azpilicueta likely to have a reduced role next season we are signing a captain who could take his place. What especially encourages me is his good 1v1 defending as this would very much help cover his lack of pace.

Massive credit to @EoinCFCireland for the stats and photos. Go follow him on twitter guys.