Considering the success story of Netflix’s Spanish series ‘Money Heist’, it’s understandable to see how anxious Money Heist fans were, as they waited for the released of another Netflix Heist series ‘The Great Heist’.

The Great Heist (Spanish: El robo del siglo) is a 2020 Colombian web television mini-series, inspired by real events that unfolded in Colombia in 1994, which went on to be known as the robbery of the century.

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The Netflix series also reportedly takes inspiration from a book by Alfredo Serrano Zabala, called ‘This is How I Robbed the Bank: The Assault of the 20th Century in Colombia.’

The Series Cast:

  • Marcela Benjumea
  • Paula Castaño
  • Andres Parra
  • Christian Tappan
  • Waldo Urrego

The series started airing on Netflix on 14th August 2020, with six episodes already uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

No. Title Original release date
1 “The Big One” August 14, 2020
2 “The Crew” August 14, 2020
3 “Punch” August 14, 2020
4 “Escape from Valledupar” August 14, 2020
5 “Funny Money” August 14, 2020
6 “All the Money in the World” August 14, 2020