Not many people, myself included knew about Laycon or his music career before Big Brother Naija season 5 (Lockdown) show.

But today his singles are making waves everywhere, racking up views on Youtube, gaining attention and earning people’s respect.

Then you wonder, how come nobody gave this young guy a break his talent deserved. We know that there are known names with huge platform that tried to do music but failed woefully.

Someone like Laycon deserves that platform. Some of his rap, lyrics and delivery are astonishingly good. It’s crazy how he has been in a dark hole for so long.

  • Fierce
  • Who’s Laycon
  • Unbalanced

Just a few of his singles I personally love.

‘Laycon is a case of when talent meet platform’ as a fan rightfully put it. Without BB Naija, he could still be hitting his head on a concrete floor without a proper breakthrough.

He’s going through a painful love heartbreak in the BB Naija house but I am not sure he has a clue how well his music is doing at the moment.

If he does, he won’t have a dull moment, he will be a happy man because make no mistake, this guy is going to be a big player in Nigeria’s music industry in the future.