The most interesting love story in BB Naija (lockdown) between Erica and Kiddwaya took a 360 degrees journey last night.

The whole thing started building up after Erica won the head of house challenge on Monday and became the HOH, making Kiddwaya her deputy. Of course, they moved in together.

As a result, Erica and Kiddwaya had greater space and privacy to talk more and deep. Erica has been complaining to whoever cared to listen about Kidd’s countenance lately, then last night, things escalated.

A harmless heart to heart talk went horribly wrong, Erica got angry, and told Kidd, She wants them to be strictly friends and walked up to her room.

Kiddwaya wanted more clarification but the HOH wasn’t in the mood to listen and dropped another bomb, this time she said to Kidd, ‘I feel very stupid having anything to do with you in the first place’.

That shocked Kidd, who was speechlessly standing without any reaction. I guess he didn’t expect that from his girl. What follow was an emotional outburst from Erica as She broke down and started crying.

Kiddwaya tried to make-up and successfully carried out the task. At the end of the whole drama, they kissed and made-up.