Bayer Leverkusen chief Rudi Voller believes The Blues took advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to sign Kai Havertz.

The Blues snapped up the Germany star for a club-record deal worth €70M, potentially rising to €80M with add-ons.

But they were clever in choosing their timing, according to Leverkusen sporting director Voller, who believes the move would have been much more difficult to pull off had Chelsea tried to sign Havertz in a normal year, or at least one without the coronavirus pandemic and the financial impacts that followed it.

“Chelsea simply made good use of the coronavirus period,” Voller told Bild.

“Next year it would have been much harder for Chelsea to get Kai. Other interested teams preferred to hold back because of the high transfer fee in this special and uncertain time.”

“We also have significant revenue losses in times of the coronavirus.

“We will, of course, take that into account and certainly not completely reinvest the transfer fee we got for Kai Havertz.”